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Work & Office Life

Four Day Workweek

Published on: 05/29/20

What do you think about a four-day workweek?

Work Productive

Published on: 03/27/20

How can we be productive if we’re working from home?

Boss Get It

Published on: 03/20/20

Why doesn’t my boss get anything?

Office Hookup

Published on: 03/13/20

I’m crushing on a coworker… should I pursue?


Published on: 03/06/20

Why does everyone ask me for favors all the time?

Mondays Tough

Published on: 02/28/20

Why is it so tough to get out of the house on Mondays?

Night Off

Published on: 01/10/20

I have the night off… What should I do?

Holiday Party Drinks

Published on: 12/13/19

How many drinks should I have at our office holiday party?

Ugly Sweater Party

Published on: 12/13/19

Our office party is giving away a prize for the ugliest sweater, but I’m worried I’ll be the only person who actually shows up in one… should I wear an ugly sweater or nah?

Night Off

Published on: 11/29/19

I have the night off… What should I do?