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Parallel Parking Surprise

Published on: 04/09/21

Why is parallel parking so hard?

Out of Ticket

Published on: 03/12/21

What’s the best way to get out of a ticket?


Published on: 03/05/21

Why do I have a headache today?

Scented Candles

Published on: 03/05/21

Why are scented candles are expensive?

Power Out

Published on: 02/19/21

Why is it soooo boring when the power goes out?

Live With Parents

Published on: 02/05/21

How old is too old to be living with your parents?

Women Emo

Published on: 02/05/21

Why are women so emotional?

Got Problems

Published on: 01/01/21

We’ve got 99 problems… do you ever have any problems to deal with?

Gossip Snitches

Published on: 12/04/20

Who gossips more: men or women?

Loud Commercial

Published on: 12/04/20

Why are TV commercials so much louder than whatever show I’m watching?