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Published on: 10/15/21

What do you think about fishing?

Clothing Brands

Published on: 10/08/21

Why do some clothing brands fit smaller than other brands when they say the same size?

Girls Night Out

Published on: 10/08/21

What do you think about girls night out?

Parent Pressure Kids

Published on: 10/08/21

Why is my mother pressuring me to have kids so aggressively?

40 Year Old Men

Published on: 10/01/21

My husband wants to get his first tattoo… he’s in his 40s… Why??

Spelling Issues

Published on: 10/01/21

Why am I so bad at spelling?

Hot Outside

Published on: 09/24/21

Why is it so hard to do anything when it is hot outside?

Poor Tipping

Published on: 09/10/21

Why do people tip so poorly?

Trouble with GF

Published on: 09/03/21

Why am I always in trouble with my girlfriend?

Loud Car Speaker

Published on: 08/27/21

What do you think about people who put loud car speakers in their cars?