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Travel & Adventure

Las Vegas

Published on: 12/27/19

What do you think about Las Vegas?

Plane Food

Published on: 12/13/19

Why is plane food so horrible?

Holiday Travel

Published on: 12/06/19

What’s the worst part of holiday travel?

Skydiving Debate

Published on: 10/31/19

Should I go skydiving?

Spouse Vacation

Published on: 10/31/19

Why doesn’t my husband ever want to go on vacation?

Stuck Plane

Published on: 08/15/19

What’s the worst part of air travel?

Turn Signals

Published on: 08/15/19

Why do some people refuse to use their turn signals?

Flight Delays

Published on: 08/01/19

What do you think about flight delays?

Kids Vacation

Published on: 06/27/19

Should I bring my kids with me on vacation?

Cheap Vacation

Published on: 05/30/19

How do I take my family on vacation without spending a fortune?