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Hot Outside

Published on: 09/24/21

Why is it so hard to do anything when it is hot outside?

Slip n Slide Yard

Published on: 07/16/21

Should we get a slip and slide for our backyard?

Vacation Exhaustion

Published on: 07/16/21

Why am I so tired after coming back from vacation?


Published on: 06/25/21

What do you think about mosquitos?

BBQ Freeloader

Published on: 06/11/21

What do you think about people who don’t bring anything to the barbeque?

Roadtrip Snacks

Published on: 06/11/21

Why are road trip snacks so good?

Wife Camping

Published on: 05/28/21

Is taking my wife camping a good idea?

Summer Camp Job

Published on: 05/21/21

Should I get a job at a summer camp?

Kids Home Summer

Published on: 05/07/21

Is it bad that I am dreading having my kids home for summer?