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Social Media

Weird Social Trends

Published on: 06/18/21

Why do people keep dumping food on a table and filming it for social media?

Dating Profile Honest

Published on: 06/04/21

How honest should I be on my dating profile?

No Post GF

Published on: 05/07/21

What would you do if your boyfriend refuses to post pics of you on their social media?

Kids Off Social

Published on: 04/23/21

How do I keep my kids off of social media?


Published on: 02/26/21

Are you listening to our conversations?

Social Media Influencers

Published on: 02/12/21

All my kids want to be social media influencers when they grow up… what’s up with that?


Published on: 11/27/20

What do you think of people who call themselves influencers?

Husband Socials

Published on: 10/02/20

Should I secretly look at my husband’s social media when he leaves it logged in?

Kids on Social Media

Published on: 09/25/20

Is letting my kids get on social media a good idea?

Social Arguing

Published on: 09/18/20

What do you think about all the arguing happening on social media right now?