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Social Media

Quit Social

Published on: 03/06/20

At what age should you quit social media?

Awkward Photos

Published on: 01/24/20

Why am I so awkward in group photos?

Joint Social

Published on: 01/03/20

My partner thinks we should have a joint social media account… What do you think about that?

Thirsty Social

Published on: 12/27/19

Who’s more thirsty for attention on social media: men or women?

Social Media Scrolling

Published on: 12/20/19

Why do I spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through social media?

Old Folks Social Media

Published on: 10/10/19

Why are old people so bad on social media?

Social Bragging

Published on: 09/19/19

Why does everyone else’s life look so great on social media?

Catfish Kids

Published on: 08/29/19

My kids blocked me on social media… What do I do?

National Day

Published on: 08/22/19

It seems like every day of the year is a national day to celebrate something on social media… what’s up with that?

Quit Social Media

Published on: 08/08/19

Should I get off of social media?