Tough Love Category:

Social Media

Joint Social

My partner thinks we should have a joint social media account… What do you think about that?

Awkward Photos

Why am I so awkward in group photos?

Thirsty Social

Who’s more thirsty for attention on social media: men or women?

Social Media Scrolling

Why do I spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through social media?

Gym Selfies

Why do people take gym selfies?

Husband Social Media

Should I tell my husband to stop following pretty people on social media?

Trending Videos

Why do people keep trending online for doing stupid things?

Weird Social Trends

Why do people keep dumping food on a table and filming it for social media?

Dating Profile Honest

How honest should I be on my dating profile?

No Post GF

What would you do if your boyfriend refuses to post pics of you on their social media?