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Smart Phones & Other Devices

Screen Time

Published on: 04/02/21

What do you think about people who say too much screen time is bad for kids?

No Reception

Published on: 03/05/21

Why does my phone never get reception?


Published on: 02/26/21

Are you listening to our conversations?

Unknown Numbers

Published on: 02/19/21

Does anyone ever answer calls from unknown numbers?

Dad Pics

Published on: 01/29/21

Why is every picture my dad takes so terrible?

Kids Phones

Published on: 01/29/21

Why are my kids so obsessed with checking their phones?

Computer Struggling

Published on: 01/22/21

Why is my computer always struggling?

QR Codes

Published on: 01/22/21

What do you think about QR codes?

Kids Tech Glare

Published on: 12/18/20

Why do my kids look at me like I’m dumb when I don’t understand technology?

Newest Phone

Published on: 10/23/20

Should I get the latest smart phone to come out?