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Tough Love Sales One Sheet

Published on: 11/26/17

Give this one sheet to your sales team to start monetizing the Tough Love feature!

Tough Love Work Parts

Published on: 11/27/16

Various work parts to use for on-air promotion.

Tough Love Teases & One-Liners

Published on: 11/27/16

Various Tough Love teases to use on the air.

Tough Love Holidays Imaging

Published on: 11/27/16

Various imaging clips that are all Holidays-related. Enjoy!

Tough Love eBook

Published on: 11/27/16

This eBook will teach you everything you need to know about producing, promoting, and making Tough Love a success on your station or show.

Custom Production Request

Published on: 11/18/10

Want custom copy for Tough Love? Intros? Outros? Promos? Sponsor Mentions? Fill out the form below and we’ll take care of it.