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Pop Culture

Reality Show Date

Published on: 10/01/21

What do you think about reality dating shows?

Billionaire Space

Published on: 08/13/21

What do you think about billionaires going to space?

Cancel Culture

Published on: 04/09/21

What do you think about cancel culture?

Reality TV Tryout

Published on: 04/09/21

Should I try out for a talent reality show?


Published on: 03/26/21

There are so many podcasts these days… Does everybody host their own podcast?

Dating TV Shows

Published on: 03/19/21

What do you think about dating TV shows?

Favorite Song

Published on: 03/05/21

What’s your favorite song of all time?

Streaming Services

Published on: 02/12/21

What do you think about streaming services on TV?

Betty White

Published on: 02/05/21

How old is Betty White for real?


Published on: 08/14/20

Do aliens exist?!?