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Adult Sports

Published on: 10/15/21

My wife won’t let me join an adult sports league… is that wrong?

Wife Gifts

Published on: 10/15/21

My wife says she doesn’t want anything for holidays… What does that mean?

Husband Social Media

Published on: 09/24/21

Should I tell my husband to stop following pretty people on social media?

Husband Golf

Published on: 08/27/21

Why does my husband like golf so much?

Husband Can’t Change Tire

Published on: 08/13/21

My husband can’t change a tire, but I can… what do you think about that?

Dance Class

Published on: 08/06/21

My wife wants me to take a dance class with her… What should I do?

Husband Confidence

Published on: 07/30/21

Why does my husband think that he is great at everything?

Murder Shows

Published on: 07/30/21

My wife binge watches murder shows… What does that mean?

Adult League Sports

Published on: 07/23/21

What do you think about adult league sports teams?

Scary Movies

Published on: 07/23/21

My partner loves scary movies, I don’t… What should I do?