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Beauty Products

Published on: 07/31/20

Why does my wife spend so much on beauty products?

Folding Laundry

Published on: 07/10/20

Why does my wife say I fold the laundry wrong?

Bed Sharing

Published on: 01/24/20

Why is sharing a bed with my significant other so difficult?

Joint Social

Published on: 01/03/20

My partner thinks we should have a joint social media account… What do you think about that?

Grocery Lost

Published on: 11/14/19

Why does my husband take so long at the grocery store?

Spouse Vacation

Published on: 10/31/19

Why doesn’t my husband ever want to go on vacation?

Taped TV Shows

Published on: 10/24/19

Why does my wife have so many shows saved on our TV?

Wife Hates Friends

Published on: 09/12/19

Why does my wife hate my friends?

Wife Surprise

Published on: 08/29/19

How should I surprise my wife?

Dishes Mad

Published on: 06/27/19

Why does my wife get mad at me when I put the dishes away in the kitchen?