Tough Love Category:


Joint Social

My partner thinks we should have a joint social media account… What do you think about that?

Bed Sharing

Why is sharing a bed with my significant other so difficult?

Adult Sports

My wife won’t let me join an adult sports league… is that wrong?

Wife Gifts

My wife says she doesn’t want anything for holidays… What does that mean?

Husband Social Media

Should I tell my husband to stop following pretty people on social media?

Husband Golf

Why does my husband like golf so much?

Husband Can’t Change Tire

My husband can’t change a tire, but I can… what do you think about that?

Dance Class

My wife wants me to take a dance class with her… What should I do?

Husband Confidence

Why does my husband think that he is great at everything?

Murder Shows

My wife binge watches murder shows… What does that mean?