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Nightlife & Drinking

Night Off

Published on: 01/10/20

I have the night off… What should I do?

Holiday Party Drinks

Published on: 12/13/19

How many drinks should I have at our office holiday party?

Too Much to Drink

Published on: 10/17/19

How do I know when I’ve had too much to drink?

Drunk Text Ex

Published on: 10/10/19

How do I stop texting my ex after I’ve had a couple of drinks?

Drunk Plans

Published on: 09/26/19

Why do I make so many big plans when I’m drunk?


Published on: 09/12/19

What do you think about tailgating?

Too Old to Pregame

Published on: 08/08/19

Is anyone ever too old to pregame before going out?

Drunk Shopping

Published on: 07/25/19

How do I stop myself from buying things online after I have had a couple of drinks?

Hangover Cure

Published on: 07/11/19

What do you do to fix a hangover?

Boys Trip

Published on: 06/20/19

How do I convince my girlfriend to let me go on a boy’s trip to Las Vegas?