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Nightlife & Drinking

Drunk Shopping

Published on: 04/02/21

What do you think about buying things from Amazon after having a few drinks?


Published on: 12/11/20

Do you like eggnog?

Wine Liquor

Published on: 11/13/20

Are you a hard liquor or wine type of girl?

Happy Hour Fun

Published on: 11/06/20

What’s the best thing about happy hour?

Drinking Age

Published on: 10/02/20

What should the minimum drinking age really be?

2020 Birthdays

Published on: 08/28/20

What do you think about birthday parties in 2020?

Drinking Less

Published on: 08/28/20

Should I be drinking less?

Quit Drinking Health

Published on: 08/07/20

Should I quit drinking in order to lose weight?

Drinking Sayings

Published on: 07/10/20

What do you think about people who have catchy sayings about drinking?

Pandemic Bars

Published on: 06/26/20

What do you think about going to bars right now during the pandemic?