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Husband Socials

Published on: 10/02/20

Should I secretly look at my husband’s social media when he leaves it logged in?

In-Law Squatter

Published on: 09/25/20

My mother-in-law came to visit and won’t leave… what should I do?


Published on: 09/18/20

Why won’t my wife let me get a motorcycle?

Wife Snores

Published on: 09/04/20

My wife snores… is there anything I do about it?

Wife Surprise

Published on: 08/21/20

What is the best way to surprise your wife?

Beauty Products

Published on: 07/31/20

Why does my wife spend so much on beauty products?

Married At Sight

Published on: 07/31/20

There are a lot of shows about marriage, I will tell you what I think about them next…

Folding Laundry

Published on: 07/10/20

Why does my wife say I fold the laundry wrong?

Pregnant vs Divorce

Published on: 03/27/20

Do you think more people are going to get divorced or have more babies during the quarantine?

Not Married

Published on: 02/21/20

Why aren’t you married?