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Dog House

Published on: 07/02/21

Why am I always in the doghouse?

Wife Camping

Published on: 05/28/21

Is taking my wife camping a good idea?

No Ring Proposal

Published on: 05/14/21

Can I propose without a ring?

Wife Never Ready

Published on: 05/14/21

Why is my wife never ready on time?

Rearrange Things

Published on: 03/19/21

Why does my wife always want to rearrange things in the house?

Golf Day

Published on: 02/19/21

Why does my husband love golfing so much?

Beard Hate

Published on: 02/12/21

Why does my wife get mad when I grow a beard?

Road Trips

Published on: 12/11/20

Why is my husband so annoying on road trips?

Husband Socials

Published on: 10/02/20

Should I secretly look at my husband’s social media when he leaves it logged in?

In-Law Squatter

Published on: 09/25/20

My mother-in-law came to visit and won’t leave… what should I do?