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Home Life

Buy Groceries

Published on: 07/09/21

Why does it feel like I’m constantly buying groceries to keep my house stocked with food?

Husband Grocery Trip

Published on: 06/25/21

Why does my husband take so long in the grocery store?

Laundry Time

Published on: 06/25/21

How do I know when it’s time to do laundry?

Busy Weekend

Published on: 06/18/21

Why does my weekend start out free and open, but then get filled up so quickly?

Nosy Neighbors

Published on: 06/18/21

My neighbors are super nosy! What should I do?

Toilet Seat Debate

Published on: 06/18/21

Why do I have to put the toilet seat down for my wife, but she doesn’t have to leave it up for me?

Brutal Move

Published on: 06/04/21

What is the best way to move?

No Chores Kids

Published on: 05/21/21

My kids keep complaining about doing chores… what should I do about that?

At-Home Learning End

Published on: 04/16/21

What is the best thing about at-home learning coming to an end soon?