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Home Life

Clothes Missing

Published on: 04/09/21

Why does it seem like clothes always go missing from my closet?

At Home Gym

Published on: 04/02/21

Should I buy at-home gym workout equipment?

Rearrange Things

Published on: 03/19/21

Why does my wife always want to rearrange things in the house?

Packed Purse

Published on: 02/26/21

Why does my wife have so much junk in her purse?

Live With Parents

Published on: 02/05/21

How old is too old to be living with your parents?

Mount TV

Published on: 01/22/21

Should I try to mount my own TV on the wall?

Kill Plants

Published on: 01/15/21

I kill every plant in my house. Do you have any tips on keeping plants alive?

Christmas Tree Up

Published on: 01/08/21

How long can I leave my Christmas tree up?

Dye Hair Myself

Published on: 01/08/21

Should I dye my own hair?

Girlfriend Move In

Published on: 01/08/21

My girlfriend is going to move in with me… any adivce?