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Home Life

Dogs Sleep Bed

Published on: 04/17/20

Can I let my dog sleep in my bed with me?

TP vs. Bidet

Published on: 04/03/20

Why is everyone stocking up on toilet paper?

Terrible Cook

Published on: 03/20/20

Why does everything I cook taste so terrible?

Finish Books

Published on: 03/13/20

Why can’t I ever finish a book that I start reading?

Junk Mail

Published on: 02/28/20

Why is it that ALL I ever get is junk mail?

Christmas Lights

Published on: 01/10/20

Can I leave Christmas lights on my house all year?

Home Exercise

Published on: 12/20/19

Should I buy exercise equipment for my house?

Where Is the Remote

Published on: 11/22/19

Where is my TV remote?

Grocery Lost

Published on: 11/14/19

Why does my husband take so long at the grocery store?

Cooking Shows

Published on: 10/24/19

Why do cooking shows make cooking look SO easy?