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Home Life

Beauty Products

Published on: 07/31/20

Why does my wife spend so much on beauty products?

Jigsaw Mistake

Published on: 07/24/20

What do you think about jigsaw puzzles?

Folding Laundry

Published on: 07/10/20

Why does my wife say I fold the laundry wrong?

Flowers Alive

Published on: 07/03/20

Why can’t I keep my flowers alive?

AC Unit

Published on: 06/26/20

Should I get an AC unit for my house?


Published on: 05/29/20

Should I buy a hammock?

Wax Lips

Published on: 05/29/20

Should I attempt to wax my own eyebrows and upper lip?

Dogs Sleep Bed

Published on: 04/17/20

Can I let my dog sleep in my bed with me?

TP vs. Bidet

Published on: 04/03/20

Why is everyone stocking up on toilet paper?

Terrible Cook

Published on: 03/20/20

Why does everything I cook taste so terrible?