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Family Pictures

What do you think about getting family pictures for the holidays?

Holiday Party Drinks

How many drinks should I have at our office holiday party?

Ugly Sweater Party

Our office party is giving away a prize for the ugliest sweater, but I’m worried I’ll be the only person who actually shows up in one… should I wear an ugly sweater or nah?

Holiday Travel

What’s the worst part of holiday travel?

Wife Gifts

My wife says she doesn’t want anything for holidays… What does that mean?

Zoom Holidays

Are you excited about not doing zoom for the holidays?

2020 Birthdays

Does my birthday from last year?

Gym Present

Should I get my girlfriend a gym membership as a gift?

Holidays 2020

What do you think about the holidays in 2020?


What list am I on: naughty or nice?