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Health & Fitness

Get Facial

Published on: 10/02/20

My girlfriend wants me to get a facial… should I?

Diet Soda

Published on: 09/18/20

Are diet sodas healthy for you?

Gyms Closed

Published on: 08/21/20

I really want to work out for once, but all these gyms are closed… what am I supposed to do?

Quit Drinking Health

Published on: 08/07/20

Should I quit drinking in order to lose weight?

Jog Time

Published on: 07/17/20

Why does time move so slowly when I jog?

Wash Hand Times

Published on: 06/05/20

How many times a day should we really be washing our hands?

Adult Wash Hands

Published on: 05/22/20

Why don’t people wash their hands?

Jogging Tough

Published on: 05/08/20

Why jogging is so tough?

Weigh Yourself

Published on: 05/08/20

I’m thinking about weighing myself right now… Is that a good idea?

Quarantine 15

Published on: 05/01/20

How can I lose the Quarantine 15?