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Themed Birthdays

Published on: 10/08/21

What do you think about people who invite you to their “themed” birthday parties?

Hold My Beer

Published on: 07/23/21

What does it mean when someone says, “Hold my beer”?

Bottomless Mimosas

Published on: 04/16/21

What do you think about bottomless mimosas?

Movie Qs

Published on: 03/12/21

What do you think about people who ask questions about movies while you are watching them?

Golf Day

Published on: 02/19/21

Why does my husband love golfing so much?

Pandemic Birthday Gift

Published on: 07/10/20

What’s a good birthday gift during this pandemic?

Catfish Friend

Published on: 07/03/20

Should I sign my single friend up for a dating app?


Published on: 03/06/20

Why does everyone ask me for favors all the time?

Breath Stinks

Published on: 02/21/20

How do you tell someone their breath stinks?

Surprise Party

Published on: 12/06/19

What do you think about surprise parties?