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Dating & Relationships

Trouble with GF

Published on: 09/03/21

Why am I always in trouble with my girlfriend?

New Couples

Published on: 08/06/21

How can new couples talk on the phone for so freaking long?

Blind Date

Published on: 07/09/21

Should I go on a blind date with someone?

Bad Date Time

Published on: 07/02/21

How long should I wait on a bad first date before I bail?

Meet Singles

Published on: 06/18/21

How do you meet singles during a pandemic?

First Date Conversation

Published on: 06/11/21

What is the best first date conversation tactic?

Dating Profile Honest

Published on: 06/04/21

How honest should I be on my dating profile?

Dating App

Published on: 05/21/21

Why are dating apps so brutal?

No Ring Proposal

Published on: 05/14/21

Can I propose without a ring?

No Post GF

Published on: 05/07/21

What would you do if your boyfriend refuses to post pics of you on their social media?