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Dating & Relationships

Office Hookup

Published on: 03/13/20

I’m crushing on a coworker… should I pursue?

Date to Marry

Published on: 02/28/20

Should people date to marry?

Not Married

Published on: 02/21/20

Why aren’t you married?

Dating Apps “The One”

Published on: 02/14/20

Do dating apps work to help actually find “the one?”

Bed Sharing

Published on: 01/24/20

Why is sharing a bed with my significant other so difficult?

Dating App Use

Published on: 01/17/20

What do you think about dating apps?

Children “The Talk”

Published on: 01/10/20

When should I have “The Talk” with my kids?

Christmas Proposal

Published on: 12/13/19

Do you think proposing to someone on Christmas is a good or bad idea?

Girl Trouble

Published on: 11/22/19

Why am I always in trouble with my girlfriend?

Date Poo

Published on: 11/14/19

Should I cook for a first date?