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Dating & Relationships

Meet Someone

Published on: 11/20/20

Where’s the best place to meet someone new?

Love Two People

Published on: 10/23/20

Can you love two people at the same time?

Dating App Game

Published on: 10/16/20

How do I get guys to talk to me more on dating apps?

Get Facial

Published on: 10/02/20

My girlfriend wants me to get a facial… should I?

Creepy Dude Apps

Published on: 07/31/20

Why are guys so creepy on dating apps?

Married At Sight

Published on: 07/31/20

There are a lot of shows about marriage, I will tell you what I think about them next…

Making Out

Published on: 07/17/20

Will making out ever become a thing again?

Catfish Friend

Published on: 07/03/20

Should I sign my single friend up for a dating app?

Mask Action

Published on: 06/19/20

What do you think about the study that says you should wear a mask while being intimate with your partner?

Quarantine Dating

Published on: 05/01/20

What do you think about dating new people during shelter-in-place? Is it okay to bring my date to my house?