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Current Events

2020 Birthdays

Published on: 08/28/20

What do you think about birthday parties in 2020?

Drinking Less

Published on: 08/28/20

Should I be drinking less?

World End

Published on: 08/28/20

Do you think we’re witnessing the end of the world?

Common Sense Uncommon

Published on: 08/21/20

Why is common sense so uncommon nowadays?


Published on: 08/14/20

Do aliens exist?!?

Tik Tok

Published on: 08/14/20

Is Tik Tok a danger to the country?

2020 Long and Fast

Published on: 08/07/20

Why does 2020 feel so long but also so fast?

2020 Changes Stick

Published on: 07/17/20

Are there any changes from 2020 that you hope will stick around?


Published on: 06/12/20

What do you think about politicians?


Published on: 06/12/20

What do you think about protesting?