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New Stimulus Checks

Published on: 03/26/21

Should we spend our stimmy check or pay our bills with it?


Published on: 03/05/21

Why do I have a headache today?

Give Money

Published on: 01/29/21

Can you give me some money? My stimulus check is already gone.

Dye Hair Myself

Published on: 01/08/21

Should I dye my own hair?

Video Conference

Published on: 12/25/20

What do you think about video conferences?

Holidays 2020

Published on: 12/18/20

What do you think about the holidays in 2020?

Wear Jeans

Published on: 12/18/20

Should I try to fit into a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in a while?


Published on: 11/13/20

I’m starting to get bored… what can I do for fun right now?

Christmas Shopping

Published on: 11/06/20

Should I start my Christmas shopping?

Done at House

Published on: 10/30/20

Why is it so hard to get things done around my house?