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Wife Gifts

Published on: 10/15/21

My wife says she doesn’t want anything for holidays… What does that mean?

Christmas Tree Up

Published on: 01/08/21

How long can I leave my Christmas tree up?

Gym Present

Published on: 12/18/20

Should I get my girlfriend a gym membership as a gift?


Published on: 12/18/20

What list am I on: naughty or nice?

Christmas Breakup

Published on: 12/11/20

Is it bad to break up with a girl I am dating because I don’t want to buy them a present for Christmas?

Christmas Movie

Published on: 12/11/20

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Christmas Present

Published on: 12/11/20

What do you want from Santa this year?

Christmas Present Kids

Published on: 12/11/20

What is the top toy to get kids for Christmas this year?

Christmas Song

Published on: 12/11/20

What’s your favorite Christmas Song?

Cookie Recipe

Published on: 12/11/20

What’s a good cookie recipe?