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Adult Sports

Published on: 10/15/21

My wife won’t let me join an adult sports league… is that wrong?

40 Year Old Men

Published on: 10/01/21

My husband wants to get his first tattoo… he’s in his 40s… Why??

Parent Advice

Published on: 09/10/21

Why do adults rarely listen to advice?

Sore Chores

Published on: 09/03/21

Why am I sore from doing chores around the house?

Instrument 40s

Published on: 08/20/21

Can I learn a new instrument in my 40s?

Adult League Sports

Published on: 07/23/21

What do you think about adult league sports teams?

Explain Landlines

Published on: 06/25/21

How do I explain old landline phones to my kids?

Old Back Injury

Published on: 06/11/21

Why does my back hurt today?

Old Hangover

Published on: 04/30/21

Why do hangovers hurt more the older you get?

Hurt Sleeping

Published on: 04/23/21

What does it mean when I hurt myself while sleeping?