Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Jibba: Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the genius behind The Phone Jibba?
Rick Morton is the host of Morton In the Morning, on CHR station Z90/San Diego. Rick started The Phone Jibba on his show and has used it to help drive the station to top ratings. This has been their primary feature that has helped the show create daily appointment tune in moments.

What does each episode include?
Each weekday includes two versions of a fully self-contained recorded feature. One is produced with a laugh track behind it, like a studio audience. The other is a no-laugh version.

You also get a Brown Bag version of the feature, which includes a full script and an audio track of just the response from the phone prank "victim." This allows you to produce the feature with your personalities instead of the fully produced version.

And, you get a short version of each Phone Jibba (30-40 seconds) that can be used as a promo or tease. Some stations use the short version to promote the next day’s feature. Others use it to promote what happened earlier that day. Both the feature and the promo are delivered in Mp3 format. And, there’s a written description of each episode to help personalities set up the phone prank. Mp3 format.

I’m interested but would like to know exactly what I’m getting.
No problem. Just download the five free episodes and you’ll know exactly what it’s all about. Use them any way you like, including playing then on the air! Get free samples here.

Why is it called The Phone Jibba?
I know, weird name, right? Phone Jibba means nothing. It’s a made-up name that gets attention. In a couple of weeks, your listeners will already be referring to it as “The Jibba”.

How many times can we use each episode?
You get unlimited use of each episode for as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel, you are no longer allowed to use any of the episodes.

Is It Market exclusive?
Yes, Phone Jibba is available to just one station per market. It’s available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I pay?
Phone Jibba is available by barter from Envision Networks. Or, you can make cash arrangements if you prefer. Contact Envision at [email protected] and tell them you want Phone Jibba on your station.

When do we get Phone Jibba episodes?
Phone Jibba is delivered weekly, each Thursday for the following week. You will receive an email notifying you the episodes are available with a link to log in with your username and password. All of the following week’s episodes will be there for you to download.

Can anyone at my station access the episodes?
Yes, just provide the URL, username and password so they can login.

How many episodes do I get?
Each week, you get five (5) new episodes, one for each weekday.

What if there’s an episode I don’t like, or that I feel doesn’t fit my station?
Most affiliates play a previous episode. We’ve found that the Phone Jibba just doesn’t get old. In fact, listeners request favorite episodes regularly. As your library grows, keep track of your favorite Jibbas. If one comes along that you don’t like, just replace it.

I like the feature, but want our personalities voices to be on it. Can we get The Phone Jibba in work parts?
YES. The Phone Jibba is available in Brown Bag format. Just use the provided script along with the audio track featuring the phone prank “victim” response and there you have it!

Why wouldn’t I just do this myself?
You could, but the hardest part of a phone prank feature is qualify. It’s hard to sustain every day. The service is inexpensive, quality is consistent and outstanding, it preserves your time, and ensures you will not get writer’s block!

Still have questions? We have answers. Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll get right back to you.