Phone Jibba Category:

Social Media

Solar Hat

I call Donna and ask her to become an influencer by wearing an absurdly large solar panel hat!

Instagram For a Kid

I call Beth and tell her I work at her 7-year-old daughter’s school. I inform her that if her daughter doesn’t have a huge Instagram following she won’t be able to attend this school.

Phone Yelp Review

I call Casey at a restaurant and inform him that I’d like to have him post a 3-star review of his own restaurant on Yelp since I don’t have internet!


I call Kendra and ask her to be an influencer for our new updated version of Spanx called Skanks!


I call Candace to see if she wants to be an influencer for our new product: pre-consumed, repurposed pasta!


I call Danny who manages an office that performs Mammorgrams, and try to convince him we need to start a new social media platform with only chests on it.

Follow Me On Instagram

I call Trevor, who has a huge Instagram following, and try to convince him to post a picture of me to increase his follower count.

ID Profile Picture

Bridget gets a call from a dating app letting her know that the new “Truth in Social Media Act” means she will have to change her profile picture to the one she uses on her ID.