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Shady Dealings

Tech Sweatshop Camp

Published on: 03/20/20

I call Nancy and offer to bring her kids to our 6th-grade summer camp where we teach them to build as many smartphones as they can!

Kid Visa Card

Published on: 02/28/20

I call Teresa and try to convince her to sign her 6-year-old daughter for a Visa Gold card!

Free Balloon Ride

Published on: 12/27/19

I call Allison to offer her a free hot air balloon, ride but she’s not interested when she finds out it’s not THAT free!

Smoked Fish Luggage

Published on: 12/20/19

I call Julius and ask him to share his suitcase with me to save money… and to help me bring my smoked fish home!

Savers Network

Published on: 11/22/19

I call Sandra and offer to let her use my Netflix account for a discount… it’s all part of my new “Savers Network.”

Landfill Privacy

Published on: 10/31/19

I call Sarah at the landfill and ask to dump my rolled-up carpet in private… away from cameras and the public!

Two Person Raffle

Published on: 10/17/19

I call Donna and ask her to buy some raffle tickets where her odds are good… like, really good… as in 50/50. Why are the odds of winning so good? Because only one other person entered! That person is ME!

Conference Room Podcast

Published on: 10/10/19

I call Brian at a real estate company and invite him to be on my podcast. What he finds out is that I’m really trying to use him for his conference room…

Coming Over for Cable

Published on: 09/26/19

I call Samantha to help set up her cable, and tell her that I’ll need to stay and watch a whole football game to make sure it works properly!

Real Estate Pop Up

Published on: 09/26/19

I call Becky, whose home has been on the market for a while, and tell her I can sell her home if she lets me move in!