Phone Jibba Category:


Mother in Law Pest Control

I call Carlos and tell him I need pest removal… in my mother-in-law’s room!

Nude Reservation

I call Frankie to confirm a reservation his wife made for them at a nudist hotel and reassure him he won’t mind being naked!

Sweepstakes Refund Check

Anthony is the customer service manager at a retail chain. I call to see if he can print my refund on a large check to keep me out of trouble with my wife!

Jackhammer Tile

I call Sharon at the city at let her know I’ll be jackhammering my brick out of the plaza because it has the name of my ex on it!

Take Your Pic

I call Christina at the garden center and ask to take a picture with her to prove to my ex that I can only get inferior looking girls!

Trivia Cheat

I call Terry at a bar and ask her to give me the answers to the Trivia Night questions ahead of time… I really want to impress my date!

Swipe Right

I call Megan to ask her on a date and keep trying to get her to commit by repeating, “Swipe right!”

Eat Now Pay Later

I call a restaurant and ask them to fulfill a bunch of demands to impress a girl. Unfortunately, I won’t have any money until tomorrow!

My Wife Goes Ugh

I call Arlene at a counselor’s office to book a therapy session, and try to get her to take my side against my wife!