Phone Jibba Category:


Mother in Law Pest Control

I call Carlos and tell him I need pest removal… in my mother-in-law’s room!

Take Out or Curbside

I call a restaurant to order food, but can’t decide if I want to get it to go, curbside, take out or pick up or maybe take away. There are so many options!

Lar Doss

I call Larry and suggest a nickname for his rec league basketball jersey…

Book My Bands

I call a restaurant/music venue and try to book some indie bands with him. But instead of reading band names, I’m using nicknames for diarrhea!

Trip to Cheddar Bay

I call a travel agent and try to get her to book me a trip to Cheddar Bay… ever since I went to Red Lobster and had their wonderful biscuits, I really want to visit!

Plumbers Language

I call a plumber and tell him that their guys have to stop using plumbers terminology because it’s actually profanity!