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Kid Visa Card

Published on: 02/28/20

I call Teresa and try to convince her to sign her 6-year-old daughter for a Visa Gold card!

So You Thought You Could Dance

Published on: 01/31/20

I call Lisa to ask if her daughter would like to be on our new network dance show!

Rough Up the Nurse

Published on: 09/12/19

I call my pediatrician’s office and ask to rough up the nurse who gives my daughter a shot… I need to show her that I’m a protective dad!

Ugly Baby Photoshoot

Published on: 08/29/19

I call Lynn at her photo studio to try and get her to convince my wife that our baby daughter is too ugly to be a baby model.

CSI Birthday Party

Published on: 08/22/19

I call Stephanie to suggest a birthday party theme for her 7-year-old daughter that involves a crime scene!

Fortnite for Homework

Published on: 02/28/19

Miss Reid has been giving our little Timothy too much homework. I’d her to ease up so he can play more Fortnite!

Rock and Roll Birthday Party

Published on: 02/21/19

Mark works at a trampoline store and I call to book a kid’s birthday, but with some very adult activities like tattoos and bikini girls. I’m the cool dad!