Phone Jibba Category:


Kid Visa Card

I call Teresa and try to convince her to sign her 6-year-old daughter for a Visa Gold card!

So You Thought You Could Dance

I call Lisa to ask if her daughter would like to be on our new network dance show!

Rough Up the Nurse

I call my pediatrician’s office and ask to rough up the nurse who gives my daughter a shot… I need to show her that I’m a protective dad!

Ugly Baby Photoshoot

I call Lynn at her photo studio to try and get her to convince my wife that our baby daughter is too ugly to be a baby model.

CSI Birthday Party

I call Stephanie to suggest a birthday party theme for her 7-year-old daughter that involves a crime scene!

Fortnite for Homework

Miss Reid has been giving our little Timothy too much homework. I’d her to ease up so he can play more Fortnite!

Rock and Roll Birthday Party

Mark works at a trampoline store and I call to book a kid’s birthday, but with some very adult activities like tattoos and bikini girls. I’m the cool dad!