Phone Jibba Category:


Tech Support

Rico has filed a helpdesk ticket for tech support at his work. I call to help and take him through a pointless checklist until he’s so fed up that he asks for the manager!

Borrow Your Microwave

I call Jill and ask if I can come across the street and heat up my egg white and cod casserole in their office microwave!

HR Whistleblower

I call Jessica at a large company and start to freak out as I try to turn in a co-worker for stealing post-it notes!

Help Me Go Viral

I call Tammy in HR at a large company and ask her to forward everyone a link to my video because I’m trying to go viral… I really need her help!

Popping a Wheelie

I call Barb at work and tell her to meet me outside so she can get a video of me popping a wheelie on my new motorcycle.

Do You Want My Snickers

I call Mike at work and tell him I’ll be in the area and if he would like it, I’ll stop by and split my king-size Snickers with him!

Call a Ticket Broker

I call Blake at the ticket broker’s office and ask him to describe all of the thousands of tickets he has available!