Phone Jibba Category:


Drive-By Lemonade

I call Lester to shame him for driving by my daughter’s lemonade stand. He claims he didn’t see it. (Of course he didn’t see it… it’s not real!)

Get Off Your Wifi

I call Stan and pretend to be his 22-year-old neighbor. I really need him to get off his wifi so I can use it for gaming!

Stroller Hand Signals

I call Tricia pretending to be from her HOA. I have to issue her a fine because she hasn’t been using hand signals while operating her stroller in the neighborhood!

Rent Your Kids

I call Jaimie and pose as a neighbor who wants to borrow her kids so I can pretend to parent them!

Get Out of the Jacuzzi

I call Santos to let him know that I need to use his jacuzzi for my bad back… no time to say “yes,” I’m already getting in it!

You Got My Ladder

I call Lance and accuse him of stealing my ladder!

Loud Pet Eater

I call Michelle to ask her if she has a pig in her apartment because the neighbors are complaining about loud eating noises coming from her place.

Don’t Park There

I call Aronda and ask her not to park her car in front of my house because it’s ugly.

Backyard Lighthouse

I call Cesar to let him know I climbed into his backyard to unscrew his new motion sensor lights!

Stole My Recycling

I call Davis pretending to be his new neighbor. The relationship gets off on the wrong foot as I accuse him of stealing my recycling.