Phone Jibba Category:


Blood Pressure Cuff Incident

I call Robert at the pharmacy to let him know I’m pretty upset because I panicked when I thought the blood pressure cuff would stop inflating!

Earful of Q-Tip

Nick works at a pharmacy and I call him for advice on how to remove Q-Tips that are stuck in my ears. Except… I can’t hear him!

Baby Teeth Whitening

I call Candace to recommend she gets her one-year-old a teeth whitening because they look a little stained!

Long Prescription

I call Tran at the pharmacy to fill a prescription and give her a last name that is so long it’s impossible to pronounce!

Mouthful of Results

I call Rebecca to deliver the results from her medical tests about her rash. I am so busy eating an apple that she can’t understand a word I’m saying!

Smartphone Dentist

I call George and ask him to breathe into his smartphone so I can give him a dental diagnosis for his supposedly bad breath!

Labor Corset

I call Melissa at an OB/GYN office and tell her I have a new product I’d like to bring in for a demonstration. It simulates the real feeling of being in labor using just a corset and I think expectant fathers should try it out!

Mumble Mouth Calls Urgent Care

I call urgent care with a serious cut and mumble my way through the description of my injury.


I call Danny who manages an office that performs Mammorgrams, and try to convince him we need to start a new social media platform with only chests on it.

Klaus Eats the Ex-Lax

Klaus calls urgent care because his tummy is rumbling and he doesn’t know why…