Phone Jibba Category:

Local Business / Store

Rent an Escalator

I call Miguel at an equipment rental company to rent an EXCAVATOR so I can do stunts for my new reality show!

Bad Impersonations

I call Louie who works in the box office at a movie theater to ask if he can guess the impressions I’m working on for a talent show!

Teach Me To Do a Burnout

I call Chuck at the tire store and try to get him to teach me to do a burnout over the phone!

Do You Have My Keys?

I call Danielle at a doctor’s office because I can’t find my keys… she ends up emptying out her purse to help me find them!

Is Steve There?

I call Nick at a muffler shop and insist on talking to Steve… but there is no Steve there!

Pause the Movie

I call the box office of a local movie theater and tell them I’m alone in Theater 8 and would like them to pause the movie so I can use the restroom. It’s urgent!

Phone Yelp Review

I call Casey at a restaurant and inform him that I’d like to have him post a 3-star review of his own restaurant on Yelp since I don’t have internet!

Klaus and the Roller Blades

Klaus buys second-hand rollerblades and calls the store where he purchased them to claim they gave him a foot fungus!

Mumble Mouth Calls Auto Parts

I call an auto parts store and mumble so much while I order auto parts it’s impossible to know what I am trying to get!

Take Out or Curbside

I call a restaurant to order food, but can’t decide if I want to get it to go, curbside, take out or pick up or maybe take away. There are so many options!