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Klaus the Superstar DJ

Klaus calls Todd at a mobile DJ company to get a job on his way to become a superstar DJ!

Klaus and the Roller Blades

Klaus buys second-hand rollerblades and calls the store where he purchased them to claim they gave him a foot fungus!

Klaus and the Bleu Cheese

I call Jim at a grocery store as Klaus and ask him to return my Bleu Cheese because it was full of mold!

Sexy Santa Klaus

I call David as Klaus who hires actors to play Santa for parties and tell him that he needs to hire me because I am sooo sexy!

Klaus and the Sexy Costume

Klaus calls Andy at the Costume Depot to ask for help with some very inappropriate “sexy” Halloween costumes!

Klaus the Mechanic

I call an auto parts and repair store as my character Klaus and ask him to let me be a volunteer mechanic!

Klaus and the Pancake

I call a chain restaurant as Klaus, my Bavarian character. I want to know why they have a BELGIAN waffle and FRENCH toast but no GERMAN chocolate pancakes?

Klaus Get a Wax

Klaus calls a waxing salon and tries to get them to wax him slowly all over his body, just for the pleasure of the pain!

Klaus and the Club Cannon

Klaus calls a club owner to tell him a tragedy has occurred: the CO2 cannon blasted his eyebrows off the night before in the club!

Klaus and the Photo Shoot

Klaus calls Jesse to inform him he’s replacing the regular photographer for their family photoshoot. Klaus has some very questionable ideas of his own that he’d like to explore.