Phone Jibba Category:


Tech Sweatshop Camp

I call Nancy and offer to bring her kids to our 6th-grade summer camp where we teach them to build as many smartphones as they can!

Rent Your Kids

I call Jaimie and pose as a neighbor who wants to borrow her kids so I can pretend to parent them!

Kid Visa Card

I call Teresa and try to convince her to sign her 6-year-old daughter for a Visa Gold card!

Instagram For a Kid

I call Beth and tell her I work at her 7-year-old daughter’s school. I inform her that if her daughter doesn’t have a huge Instagram following she won’t be able to attend this school.

Hot Potato Phone Cover

I call a 6th-grade teacher and ask if I can give her students a new product I’m working on… it’s a smartphone cover that will shock them to discourage use!

So You Thought You Could Dance

I call Lisa to ask if her daughter would like to be on our new network dance show!

Baby Teeth Whitening

I call Candace to recommend she gets her one-year-old a teeth whitening because they look a little stained!

Clown Needs a Shower

I call Shonda with a very specific requirement in order to prepare to be a clown for face painting duties at her daughter’s birthday party!


I call a teacher and ask to talk to her students about an anti-drug message… while using a kazoo!

Magic Clarinet

I call Trish as the head of the neighborhood HOA and offer her daughter magic lessons because her clarinet practice is too much to take!