Phone Jibba Category:

Job Offers / Interviews

Klaus the Superstar DJ

Klaus calls Todd at a mobile DJ company to get a job on his way to become a superstar DJ!

Costco Headhunter

I call Darrin who is an accountant for a large firm with some job offers that are well below his education and experience!

Drive Your Ambulance

I call to apply to be an ambulance driver… but only a driver, none of that medical stuff, please!

Daycare Telecommute

I call Andrea to inquire about a job at her daycare center, but let her know I have to work from home 3 days a week!

Before Model

I call Shelly to model for our new anti-aging cream, and she’s surprised to find out she is the “before model.” Wait till you hear how she handles it!

Prison Bride

Chad thinks I’m calling to cast him as the next Bachelor on TV. Wait till he finds out the show we are casting him for is called Prison Bride!

Craigslist Grandpa Sitter

Candace has a Craigslist ad for babysitting. I call her and request her services for our little Charlie. What she doesn’t know is that “little Charlie” is our 78-year-old grandpa!