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Internet & Online Culture

Get Off Your Wifi

I call Stan and pretend to be his 22-year-old neighbor. I really need him to get off his wifi so I can use it for gaming!

Phone Yelp Review

I call Casey at a restaurant and inform him that I’d like to have him post a 3-star review of his own restaurant on Yelp since I don’t have internet!

Help Me Go Viral

I call Tammy in HR at a large company and ask her to forward everyone a link to my video because I’m trying to go viral… I really need her help!

Swipe Right

I call Megan to ask her on a date and keep trying to get her to commit by repeating, “Swipe right!”

Punch Up the Yelp Review

I call a Violet because her Yelp review of our restaurant was kinda lame, so we want to help her punch it up a bit!