Phone Jibba Category:

Funny Business

Coke Can Ashes

I call Kate at the landfill and tell her I need them to help find my grandpas ashes my housekeeper accidentally threw out. They were in a Coke can!

Lower Your Power

I call Carla and tell her I’m with her electric company. We’re going to lower the wattage in certain rooms of her home in the evening to force energy efficiency.

Female SFX

I call Helen at a real estate office and convince her to do sound effects to help me win a bet!

Go Fund Me an RV

I call Carlos and try to get him to let me buy his RV with a Go Fund Me collaboration.

Rent Your Kids

I call Jaimie and pose as a neighbor who wants to borrow her kids so I can pretend to parent them!

Ambush Life Coach

I call Michelle and pepper her with personal questions, attempting to ambush her into letting me be her life coach!

Waterslide Race

I call Cheryl at the waterpark to see if they have my results. Because everyone is competing to be the fastest, right??


I call a suit store with an idea that will really increase their business: start offering a buffet as well!

Baby Teeth Whitening

I call Candace to recommend she gets her one-year-old a teeth whitening because they look a little stained!

Flush My Toilet

I call a mailman and ask him to leave my mail IN my house and while he’s there could he flush my toilet because I forgot!