Phone Jibba Category:

False Accusations

Drive-By Lemonade

I call Lester to shame him for driving by my daughter’s lemonade stand. He claims he didn’t see it. (Of course he didn’t see it… it’s not real!)

Stroller Hand Signals

I call Tricia pretending to be from her HOA. I have to issue her a fine because she hasn’t been using hand signals while operating her stroller in the neighborhood!

You Got My Ladder

I call Lance and accuse him of stealing my ladder!

Supreme with Mayo

I call the manager of a fast-food restaurant to complain that my burger had so much mayo that it caused me to hit a truck. I want her to pay for damages!

Bowling Shoes

Denise left a bowling alley with her rented bowling shoes on. I call her as the manager demanding payment for the shoes instead of asking her to simply return them.

Smelled My Pants

I call the dry cleaners and accuse one of their employees of smelling the zipper on my pants!

Too Much Cheese

I call Jesse and ask her not to return to Olive Garden for 30 days because she was abusing the free parmesan cheese privilege.

Almond Milk Hoax

I call Rachel at a chain coffee shop to tell her I think that almond milk is just a big fake hoax to charge customers more for their drinks!

Suspended Membership

I call Peter as a warehouse store employee to let him know we have to suspend his membership for a month… he’s been eating too many free samples, and it has to stop!

Stole My Smokes

I call Lisa and accuse her of ‘stealing my smokes’ when she was at the laundromat!