Phone Jibba Category:

Customer Service

Mumble Mouth Switches Flights

I call Saida who works at an airline’s reservations department and try to change a ticket… but I keep mumbling the reservation number!

Not Good Vibrations

I call Pam at the record store and ask her to identify the song I am poorly singing. It’s clearly “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys but I disagree!

Rent an Escalator

I call Miguel at an equipment rental company to rent an EXCAVATOR so I can do stunts for my new reality show!

Lower Your Power

I call Carla and tell her I’m with her electric company. We’re going to lower the wattage in certain rooms of her home in the evening to force energy efficiency.

Blood Pressure Cuff Incident

I call Robert at the pharmacy to let him know I’m pretty upset because I panicked when I thought the blood pressure cuff would stop inflating!

Teach Me To Do a Burnout

I call Chuck at the tire store and try to get him to teach me to do a burnout over the phone!

Do You Have My Keys?

I call Danielle at a doctor’s office because I can’t find my keys… she ends up emptying out her purse to help me find them!

Early Check-In

I call a hotel and argue with Anna in reservations about having to check out before I’ve stayed for a full 24 hours.

Is Steve There?

I call Nick at a muffler shop and insist on talking to Steve… but there is no Steve there!

Dog Licked the Wedding Cake

Melissa’s daughter is getting married and I call to tell her that I’m delivering the wedding cake… all good, except one little detail: our dog accidentally licked it, but we fixed it with new icing!