Phone Jibba Category:

Customer Service

Pause the Movie

Published on: 02/21/20

I call the box office of a local movie theater and tell them I’m alone in Theater 8 and would like them to pause the movie so I can use the restroom. It’s urgent!

Calibrate the Voice

Published on: 02/14/20

Monica is having trouble with her Talk-to-Text, so I call her as the phone company to have her “calibrate the voice” with some absurd sounds!

Car Talk

Published on: 02/14/20

I call Mike at a car dealership and ask him to help me decipher the “fast talk” legal jargon at the end of their radio commercial.

Hot Dog Loop

Published on: 02/07/20

I call a grocery store to complain that I can’t buy the same number of hot dogs as buns, and I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to get them matched up!

Klaus and the Roller Blades

Published on: 02/07/20

Klaus buys second-hand rollerblades and calls the store where he purchased them to claim they gave him a foot fungus!

Warehouse Samples

Published on: 02/07/20

I call a popular warehouse store and try to get them to change up the samples to make me a 5-course meal!

Mumble Mouth Calls Auto Parts

Published on: 01/31/20

I call an auto parts store and mumble so much while I order auto parts it’s impossible to know what I am trying to get!

Nude Reservation

Published on: 01/31/20

I call Frankie to confirm a reservation his wife made for them at a nudist hotel and reassure him he won’t mind being naked!

Supreme with Mayo

Published on: 01/31/20

I call the manager of a fast-food restaurant to complain that my burger had so much mayo that it caused me to hit a truck. I want her to pay for damages!

Bowling Shoes

Published on: 01/24/20

Denise left a bowling alley with her rented bowling shoes on. I call her as the manager demanding payment for the shoes instead of asking her to simply return them.