Phone Jibba Category:


Go Fund Me an RV

I call Carlos and try to get him to let me buy his RV with a Go Fund Me collaboration.

Craigslist Auction

I call Ralph and try to buy a quad he’s selling on Craigslist by bidding as if it were Ebay!

Sell Your Moped

I call Joaquin to buy his Moped but end up mocking him for using it as his primary mode of transportation.

Craigslist Rollerblades

I call Dean to buy his rollerblades… but not before I have him do a rollerblade show for me in his driveway!

Germaphobe Roommate

I call an ad for a room for rent and start to ask the occupant absurd questions that imply I think she would be an unclean roommate!

What Up Fool

I call Chico who has a car for sale on Craigslist and keep addressing him with the term “fool.” For some reason, he really, really doesn’t like it!

Drive Your Ambulance

I call to apply to be an ambulance driver… but only a driver, none of that medical stuff, please!

BFE Network

I call on a Craigslist as for a washer and try to convince the woman to join my budget QVC channel, the Bargain Finders Entertainment Network!

Bunk Bed Babysitter

I call on a Craigslist ad for bunk beds and try to get the seller to watch my kids for 3 hours!

Anniversary RV

Joe has an RV for sale and I want to take it for a spin. You know… for a few days, if he doesn’t mind. He does.