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Bogus Products

Solar Hat

Published on: 03/27/20

I call Donna and ask her to become an influencer by wearing an absurdly large solar panel hat!


Published on: 02/14/20

I call a suit store with an idea that will really increase their business: start offering a buffet as well!

Hot Potato Phone Cover

Published on: 02/07/20

I call a 6th-grade teacher and ask if I can give her students a new product I’m working on… it’s a smartphone cover that will shock them to discourage use!

9-Minute Workout

Published on: 01/31/20

I call a gym manager and tell him I’ve got a great new workout that he needs to add to his gym right away. It’s a genius concept: it is based on the snooze button!

So You Thought You Could Dance

Published on: 01/31/20

I call Lisa to ask if her daughter would like to be on our new network dance show!

Sal Minelas Meal Prep

Published on: 01/10/20

I call Katie to offer her a chance to endorse our new Italian meal prep service!

Senior Restraint System

Published on: 01/03/20

Betsy can’t believe I’m trying to sell her my new invention, The Sunny Day Elasto Restraint System. It’s a leash designed to keep elders from walking off the premises!

Tap Water

Published on: 01/03/20

I’m changing the water industry with my new “Tap Bottled Water” and this woman wants no part of it.

Dryer Lint Diaper

Published on: 12/27/19

Mike owns a laundromat and can’t believe his ears when I ask to have his leftover lint for a new product I’m selling!

Gator Rake

Published on: 12/27/19

I call a hardware store to pitch them a new product that helps people stay productive and refreshed while working outside!