Phone Jibba Category:

Bogus Products

Solar Hat

I call Donna and ask her to become an influencer by wearing an absurdly large solar panel hat!


I call a suit store with an idea that will really increase their business: start offering a buffet as well!

Hot Potato Phone Cover

I call a 6th-grade teacher and ask if I can give her students a new product I’m working on… it’s a smartphone cover that will shock them to discourage use!

9-Minute Workout

I call a gym manager and tell him I’ve got a great new workout that he needs to add to his gym right away. It’s a genius concept: it is based on the snooze button!

So You Thought You Could Dance

I call Lisa to ask if her daughter would like to be on our new network dance show!

Sal Minelas Meal Prep

I call Katie to offer her a chance to endorse our new Italian meal prep service!

Senior Restraint System

Betsy can’t believe I’m trying to sell her my new invention, The Sunny Day Elasto Restraint System. It’s a leash designed to keep elders from walking off the premises!

Tap Water

I’m changing the water industry with my new “Tap Bottled Water” and this woman wants no part of it.

Dryer Lint Diaper

Mike owns a laundromat and can’t believe his ears when I ask to have his leftover lint for a new product I’m selling!

Gator Rake

I call a hardware store to pitch them a new product that helps people stay productive and refreshed while working outside!