Phone Jibba Category:


Bad Impersonations

I call Louie who works in the box office at a movie theater to ask if he can guess the impressions I’m working on for a talent show!

Female SFX

I call Helen at a real estate office and convince her to do sound effects to help me win a bet!

Frumpy Magazine

I call Shawni and ask her if she would be on the cover of our publication Frumpy Magazine!

Phone Sex Operator

I call Nicole to offer her a job doing voiceover work for a national company. Her audition will make her suspicious about just what kind of “voiceover” work this really is!

Before Model

I call Shelly to model for our new anti-aging cream, and she’s surprised to find out she is the “before model.” Wait till you hear how she handles it!

Prison Bride

Chad thinks I’m calling to cast him as the next Bachelor on TV. Wait till he finds out the show we are casting him for is called Prison Bride!