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Coke Can Ashes

I call Kate at the landfill and tell her I need them to help find my grandpas ashes my housekeeper accidentally threw out. They were in a Coke can!

Mumble Mouth Switches Flights

I call Saida who works at an airline’s reservations department and try to change a ticket… but I keep mumbling the reservation number!

Not Good Vibrations

I call Pam at the record store and ask her to identify the song I am poorly singing. It’s clearly “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys but I disagree!

Rent an Escalator

I call Miguel at an equipment rental company to rent an EXCAVATOR so I can do stunts for my new reality show!

Solar Hat

I call Donna and ask her to become an influencer by wearing an absurdly large solar panel hat!

Drive-By Lemonade

I call Lester to shame him for driving by my daughter’s lemonade stand. He claims he didn’t see it. (Of course he didn’t see it… it’s not real!)

Get Off Your Wifi

I call Stan and pretend to be his 22-year-old neighbor. I really need him to get off his wifi so I can use it for gaming!

Lower Your Power

I call Carla and tell her I’m with her electric company. We’re going to lower the wattage in certain rooms of her home in the evening to force energy efficiency.

Stroller Hand Signals

I call Tricia pretending to be from her HOA. I have to issue her a fine because she hasn’t been using hand signals while operating her stroller in the neighborhood!

Tech Sweatshop Camp

I call Nancy and offer to bring her kids to our 6th-grade summer camp where we teach them to build as many smartphones as they can!